Stated Communications:

Our stated communications are the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month (for schedule please visit the calendar page).

Before the first stated communication of each month, we have a fellowship dinner - we affectionately refer to this as an "Eating Meeting".

Dinner starts at 6:30pm and is open to the Brethren, visitors, guests, and family.

There is a suggested (nominal) donation for Brethren and members (and any family in attendance), per person, to cover the costs of the meal. Guests are, literally, guests of the Lodge, and they are not asked, expected, or allowed to donate.

After our communications, we gather in the fellowship hall for refreshment (provided by the Stewards), usually consisting of a light dessert or snack and soft drinks. This respite is a time-honored tradition among Masons and offers a great venue to visit and catch up as well as meet any visiting Brethren in a social venue, outside the formalities of a Tyled Lodgeroom.

Dress Code:

We have no formal dress code, but we do have expectations of our members to dress appropriately for Lodge events. We would always prefer that a Brother attend a function rather than opt to not attend due to perceived incorrect attire.
We try to conduct Lodge as formal as we can stand it, preserving the dignity of the Lodge and respect to the Craft, given the season and activities planned.
  • Social Events :: As appropriate for event
  • Meetings :: Business Casual -to- Business (suit)
  • Degree Work :: Business Appropriate, Officers in Suits or Shirt & Tie (Master's Discretion)
  • Past Masters & Widows Dinner :: Suit
  • Officer Installation :: Attendees = Business Appropriate, Officers = Black Tie